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I have known Kirk Swan and Swan Roofing for over 25 years. Swan Roofing has done several roofs for me during that time. I have ALWAYS found them to be highly dependable, have top-notch workmanship, superior products and they are always very, very responsive to the customer's needs. This is truly a roofer you can trust! I would never use anyone else.

Burl Wood

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Green & Clean

Today more customers expect their roofing company to be socially conscious. At Swan Roofing, we have been a leader in providing green roofing solutions such as shingle recycling, energy efficient products, radiant barriers and solar panel installation. We have seen the materials, standards and techniques for being green improve tremendously over the past years and we are proud to be on the cutting edge of this important industry improvement. Ensuring that the materials used to repair or replace your roof are not damaging to the environment is part of our responsibility to our clients and community. The products we use meet the highest green standards, and whenever possible they are locally produced, can be renewed easily, or recycled.

Solar Panel

Installing a solar system by Swan Roofing will reduce your energy costs and will increase the value of your home. Installing a solar system is an investment in a sustainable energy for you and your community. Don't settle for a non-roofing company that knows nothing about the roof on which the system rests, make sure that the system is installed correctly by an experienced roofing company.


Skylights provide an excellent source of light and improved atmosphere in your home. Have you considered adding a skylight to your kitchen, bathroom or family room? If so, make sure you call Swan Roofing for proper installation. Avoid the often costly mistake of allowing a non-roofing company access to your roof. Poor installation can lead to leakage of water and air - and be very costly to repair. Call Swan to help, we'll be happy to give you a free estimate.