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Caraway Properties - It makes all the difference in the world to hire a professional. The professionals at Swan Roofing have made my job so much easier and have served as an invaluable tool to keep our tenants happy in the way the buildings are maintained.

Respectfully, Donna Palms, Property Manager

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Additional Services

Kirk Swan

Design Consultations

Have you ever thought that your roof could make a design statement? Your roof can make a statement without compromising function or life expectancy. Swan Roofing has the expertise and professional team that can help you with the look and feel of your roof. Applying the right design aesthetics to your roof can help your building stand out and potentially increase its value.


Swan knows roofing, and all things roofing-including gutters. Gutters are a valuable tool for keeping your home structurally sound and well-maintained. Often once gutters are installed they are forgotten. Just like your roof, gutters need to be regularly maintained and if necessary replaced. Remember, healthy gutters can prevent problems ranging from foundation to roof leaks. Call today for a complete inspection.

Thermal Imaging

Swan Roofing is proud to offer the most advanced technology in the roofing industry for complete roofing inspection. The simple fact is the naked eye can't detect the difference between a good roof or a bad one. Infrared Thermal Imaging is a cutting-edge technology which will find the most minor problems before they become larger issues. Our advanced infrared testing tells the whole story of your roof - saving you the guess work.

How does it work?

Thermal imaging devices work by measuring the amount of thermal radiation emitted by objects into the atmosphere. The device will then represent these measurements graphically in the form of a colored image. Objects or parts of objects that are emitting more thermal radiation than others, and are thus warmer, will often appear as a bright yellow, red, or white on a thermal imaging camera. An area of an object that is emitting a low level of thermal radiation will often appear as a darker blue, purple, or green.

Our inspectors can use a thermal imaging camera to identify and fix problems with installed roofs. Using this technology will help us:

  • Find moisture within the fabric of the roof or building.
  • Identify any air or heat leakage due to holes or leaks in the roof.
  • Confirm that any leaks in the roof were repaired successfully by comparing images taken before and after the repair.
  • Check for problems in a structure without requiring any sort of deconstruction.

Using Infrared Thermal technology for a complete roofing analysis can save money, as roof inspectors know where to patch the roof in order to prevent unnecessary heat loss, resulting in savings on energy bills. This helps our inspectors easily identify and fix roof problems that would otherwise have been costly and time-consuming to locate and repair.

Chimney Caps

Are custom fabricated and installed professionally.


Waterproofing is the treatment of a surface in order to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure.